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Letus be your Personal Chef

That’s one thing off your plate.


Great food makes a great event. At Mint Indian Bistro, we understand how important catering is to your event, so we will never cut corners in delivering the highest quality food and standards of service.

Variety and Flexibility 

We offer a variety of menu options and our food caters to people with unique dietary needs, like vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. Low sodium, low sugar, sugar free as well as special cultural needs can also be incorporated into our menu.

Just email us at info@mintbistro.com/ fill out our Contact Form to request our menu or call us at …

After reviewing your request, we would love to meet with you to begin planning your event. We will provide you with a personalized proposal, including the menu, delivery, staffing, and/ or any special decor or equipment you need. Our primary goal is take things off your plate so you ca focus on your guests and enjoy your event.

We will be happy to schedule a tasting so you can sample our food before making a commitment.

Whether it is a wedding, wedding engagement/rehearsal, graduation, baby shower, birthday, office party/corporate event, Holiday party, or non-profit fundraiser, you can count on Mint Indian Bistro to wow your guests with great tasting food that is beautifully presented.